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"Drivers are professional with law enforcement background, can't get better expertise than that!"
D. Jones
Security Services

ShadowFreight Supply Chain Security Services

TRUST Your Supply Chain Security to Law Enforcement Experts.

ShadowFeight Security provides an additional level of security and reliability to your supply chain to prevent distribution center theft as well as tractor trailer cargo theft for long and short-term hauls, from the point of departure to destination. Cargo theft from individual or fleets of trucks on US roadways is a continually rising problem costing companies hundreds of thousands in lost revenue every year.

ShadowFreight Security offers proactive and top quality security consulting services, employing only retired law enforcement personnel with unmatched expertise that exceeds expectations. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, small and medium size businesses.

Whether your industry is pharmaceuticals, tobacco, electronics, clothing, alcohol, auto parts, building and industrial, food and drinks, home and garden or another, our law enforcement experts are ready to provide your company with a customized security plan to protect your valuable property either on-site or in transit.

Our Approach

Our Logistics Solutions Place YOU in Constant Control.

Receive expert and customized freight and distribution center security service protection.

  • Law enforcement expertise: Our security escort specialists have 20+ years of law enforcement experience.
  • Constant Visibile Surveillance 24/7: The best deterrant in layered security. And a deterrant to truck driver irregularities. 
  • Proactive Prevention of Costly Cargo Theft: Keep your load from becoming a target of roadway theft.
  • Deter Distribution Center Theft: Keep your facility safe with layered security.
  • Instant Communication with Local Police: In the event of a security comprimise, our experts understand how to articulate the situation for a quick response from local authorities.
  • 10% Savings on Insurance Premiums: Our level of expert coverage can reduce your current insurance payment, our nationwide provider guarantees a 10% discount. Learn more.